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2003 Summer Workshop

June 16 – 20, 2003

As part of our project, six chemistry instructors were invited for a four and a half day workshop to

The general impression of the hosts and participants was that much was gained by both groups. We are still developing materials following the suggestions made by the consulting instructors, and we maintain contact with them about their teaching of quantum concepts.




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Summer Workshop 2003 Photos:

Participants working on their projects. From left: Sal Triolo (Worcester Polytechnic Institute), Bill Griffin (Bunker Hill Community College), and Frank Torre (Springfield College).
Participants working on their projects.
From left: Natalie Coe (Green Mountain College), David Myers (Simon’s Rock College), and Alfred Garafalo (Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences)
Rear row (from left): Alexander Golger, Sal Triolo, Frank Torre, David Myers, Bill Griffin, Alan Crosby, Peter Carr. Middle row (from left): Judith Kelley, Morton Hoffman, Alfred Garafalo, Natalie Coe. Front row (from left): Luciana Garbayo, Dan Dill, Peter Garik. (Missing: Lily Manske.)

The participants in the workshop review project ideas.